Strengthening the Quality of Family Life.

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Representing Divorce, Adoption, and Everything In-Between

There is nothing more important to West Virginians than family, so it is crucial to legally protect that family at all costs. Whether your family’s situation is happy or challenging, the qualified attorney at Kettering Delligatti are available to get you through any civil matters involving family law. For everything from adoption to divorce, our lawyer will work tirelessly for you to protect your assets, including your greatest assets - your children. We do all of our work with optimal family and individual success in mind, which is why we commit ourselves to strengthening the quality of family life for all of our clients. If you have any questions about divorce, adoption, or other aspects of family law, call the lawyer at Kettering Delligatti at (304) 363-0444.

Proud to Help Families With Adoption and Guardianship

Children are some of the most rewarding parts of a having a family, but the same holds true the other way around. Sometimes, having a family is one of the most rewarding things you can do for a child. There are countless children waiting on adoption by a loving home, and at Kettering Delligatti, we will work tirelessly to represent you in adoption proceedings. Whether the child you seek to adopt is a complete stranger to you, or possibly even a stepchild, we take pride in the personal stake you take in a child’s life. We also take a pride in caring for our elders, which is why we represent different cases of elder law as well, including guardianship. Establishing legal guardianship can be a crucial legal tool in the event of a family member becoming physically or mentally incapacitated. Please feel free to contact our legal staff or lawyer to find out more about how we can help you with areas such as adoption and guardianship.

Helping You Work Through Divorce, Child Custody, and Property Division

Divorces and child custody can be some of the most highly contested elements of the family court system, so it is important to approach any of those situations with a qualified attorney who will fight for you. When you choose the lawyer at Kettering Delligatti, you will be guaranteed excellent representation for the right to your children, physical assets, and financial assets. Our lawyer will fully utilize any legal documents and precedents set forward, including prenuptial agreements and other official records, to help you win your case. Whether the situation deals with divorce, child custody, child support, spousal support, or other family law matters, we will handle your case with the tact and care it deserves, and fight for the resolution to leave you satisfied. Call today, or visit our office on Adams Street in Fairmont for more information.